RSA Group, Inc. Joins Nathan Associates Inc.

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Law Firms and Government Agencies may contact Nessim Mezrahi at:

Nessim Mezrahi
Nathan Associates Inc.
2101 Wilson Blvd. Ste. 1200
Arlington, VA 22201
T: 703.516.7746
F: 703.351.6162
E: nmezrahi@nathaninc.com

RSA Group, Inc. is a business litigation support and consulting firm based in Washington D.C. Our firm provides objective and independent financial and economic analyses, consulting and research services, expert witness testimony and advisory services to nationally recognized law firms and federal government agencies. We assist counsel through all phases of complex business litigation.

Through the leadership of our Affiliated Experts and the support of our Analysts, our team combines independent research and analyses with extensive industry practice to deliver results. The majority of our Affiliated Experts are full-time professors from top-tier academic institutions that provide expert testimony on securities fraud lawsuits, shareholder derivative suits, fraudulent conveyance litigations, merger and acquisition disputes, bankruptcy proceedings, and other types of complex business litigation.

RSA Group, Inc. is an SBA Certified Small Business. We provide services to the federal, state, and local government agencies and departments through General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule FABS 520-6.



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